About us
'Zero to Hero' and beyond....

The min design stores have gone from strength to strength - from our humble beginnings back in Nov 14 as a 6 week pop up adventure to the two store (soon to be 3) solid offering in our proud to be here location of the Upper Mall, intu bm.

Our pop-up catapulted new and existing brands of such different identity but with the same aim - to break out of their home studios (or even the kitchen table) and get high street exposure - to get noticed.

The criteria we had was simple - it had Nottingham at its core - design in the city, make in the city, be a business here, be inspired by the city.

Today we can boast the very same criteria, with many of those early brands returning with success stories based on their start with MiN.  Today we can boast a contemporary designer gift store, which is our radiant corner location flagship store, an urban streetwear store, “#threads”, and cooking on the hob is our soon to open Food Emporium championing our make local shop local employ local mantra - in all three stores

Throughout the rapid growth, we have had unbounding support from our hosts, intu.  we have been ever-inspired by the creativity and energy of our designer makers, most importantly we are proud of the loyalty of the local people, who with us, want to celebrate their city, through their pride and their wallets.

The original goal of ours, to create a high end design store inside a shopping mall location with attitude has been ‘gold leafed’ by the success we have had over the last 6 months - sales targets have been smashed with 22% known return customers.

Our store concept has been nominated for a nationwide industry award for the 2nd year running by SCEPTRE - last year our pop-up won Highly Commended - our brands in store are winning awards for their product in their own right, and we have been awarded a certificate from the city council in recognition for our work and commitment to the Nottingham jobs pledge.

We don’t want this fun to end.

If you don’t either - keep shopping with us, keep enjoying our events, keep supporting your local makers and businesses - they matter and so do you!

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